About Us

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and then there were three...

Hello, we are The Maidens! From left to right you've got Jordan, Emily, and Benjamin (Banjo), and this is our family, lifestyle blog. On this blog we will post stories about all our adventures: adventures in travel, adventures in parenting, and adventures in service and community engagement. Jordan and Emily were married back in 2012 and Banjo joined our crazy orca pod in June 2016. Read more about us below. 


Emily is currently a PhD candidate studying Political Science and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Her research interests include public policy, gender and politics, and environmental politics--all intersecting in Africa. For more on her work, check out her professional website. Emily loves to travel, read, hike, and eat chicken chimichangas.   


Jordan currently works as the International Development Coordinator at WaterStep. He previously served in the US Army National Guard and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. He has degrees in Political Science and Natural Resource Management. In his free time he loves to hike, fish, backpack, and practice his mad photography skillz. He likes dinosaurs. 


Banjo is a baby. Our baby. The best baby in the world! He likes eating bananas, playing with his kitties, and shouting at the wall. He has attended more grad school classes than Jordan. Ask him about climate change policy or the political economies of developing states! His favorite animal is the shark.  

Don't forget about Charlie and Theodore, our adorable, awesome, cats! These are, hands down, two of the coolest cats around. They are the most friendly, most dog-like cats we've ever seen. Together we are all one big happy family!