Field Museum


Last month for Jordan's birthday, we drove into Chicago and spent the day at the Field Museum. What an awesome museum! We spent several hours there and still didn't feel like we saw everything.

By far my favorite exhibit hall was the Ancient Americas exhibit. There is almost a sensory overload of colors, textures, and patterns in the form of pottery, textiles, baskets, and ornaments. 

Jordan had fun meeting the Man-Eaters of Tsavo, made famous by the Val Kilmer/Michael Douglas film Ghosts in the Darkness. 

Banjo was a trooper, spending half the time in his backpack and half the time in his stroller. He napped through over 1 million years of Earth's history, but once he woke up we circled back to the dinosaur room so we could snap some pictures of him wearing his super cool tricera-hightops! 

Quick word of warning--the food at the museum bistro is soooooo expensive and not really worth the money. Bring snacks if you can!