Groton, CT


In May, Banjo and I packed our bags and headed out to the East Coast where we spent a lovely week with family in Connecticut. My brother and sister in law are currently based in Groton at the submarine base. Traveling with my parents, we all went to celebrate the graduation of my cousin Jake from the Coast Guard Academy, which is located right across the river from Groton in New London, CT. We spent a fun week with family that included lots and lots of good food: lobster rolls, lobster tacos, coconut lemongrass mussels, fresh oysters, seafood boil.....pretty much just lots and lots of seafood!! 

It was a special trip for me because it will be the last time I see my brother, sister, and niece before they become a family of FOUR! Little baby Erik is due in July right after Jordan, Ben, and I leave for Malawi. I will not get to meet Erik until he is over 10 months old! It was important to me to spend time with them. We watched movies, shopped a little, made delicious meals, and did some general bumming around. 

As part of the graduation festivities, Banjo got to meet a lot of new family faces, including his Great Grandma Bernice and Great Auntie Kim! 


My absolute favorite restaurant in CT is the Oyster Club in Mystic. It is a gorgeous little restaurant right on the water that does great happy hour specials and serves a seasonal menu. 



Graduation day for my cousin Jake was a loooong, hoooooot event!! They completely underestimated the weather and did not have nearly enough water in supply, and because of the special guest commencement speaker (President DJT), security was a nightmare and they couldn't drive trucks of water onto the football field. My poor SIL, who is 8+ months pregnant, tried to go down under the shade of the only tree by the stadium, but since the snipers couldn't see clearly under the tree from all angles, she wasn't allowed to sit in the shade! 


Another family favorite food haunt is Ford's Lobster in Noank. This is a great little restaurant right on the water that serves a fixed and a seasonal menu. While you can ALWAYS get a hot lobster roll, I opted for a summer special this time and tried the lobster tacos, which are served with a mango salsa, fresh spinach, avocado, and paired with fries and coleslaw. Another speciality at Ford's is the chowder!