Popsicles & Pierogies


On Mother's Day, we spent a lovely day in Cincinnati with Jordan's parents, David and Teresa. We did a first for Jordan and me: Findlay Market. This is an awesome farmers market in the Over the Rhine area that has been around since 1852. Jordan and I agree that if we lived near a farmers market as awesome as Findlay, we would buy all our groceries there!!  

You can find everything you need at Findlay to stock your pantry/fridge from fresh meats and cheeses, breads, summer salads, seafood, desserts, even flowers for your table. There are a few other arts and crafts related stores, and a few restaurants as well. In the summer Findlay is always busy, with a stage area for live music and street performers mingling with the crowd. Parking can be a pain, so be prepared to be flexible! If you've got babies, you can always drop people off and then go park. Here are a few photos from our day: 



In our quest to always be letting Banjo try new things, the whole family sat down and split a few pierogies from a Polish food cart. Pierogies are Central/Eastern European style dumplings, usually stuffed with potatoes. If you're like me, you first grew curious about trying one every time Lonely Boy and Vanessa mentioned eating them together on Gossip Girl, haha!! 

Banjo, Mimi, and I ate a pierogi stuffed with redskin potato, smoked gouda and green onion. Jordan tried the potato cheddar, and David had the pierogi with potato, bacon, cheddar, and jalepeno. Yum! 


After our morning at Findlay Market, the family headed over to Washington Park, which was bursting with people celebrating Asian Food Fest 2017. I couldn't resist, I had to try some Malaysian street food: chicken satay!  


While daddy was busy taking photos, Banjo and I went with Poppy (David) to get popsicles. Banjo and I split the most delicious strawberry pineapple popsicle. Just look at this little boy's face! Is there any better proof of the simple joys in life that a boy and his popsicle?