St. Joseph, MI


Whenever we feel like we need to get out of South Bend for a while (which is often), one of our favorite places to spend the day is St. Jospeh, Michigan. Roughly 40 minutes north of South Bend, St. Jospeh is right on the shore of Lake Michigan. It's a cute little town with a main street full of cafes, boutique shops, antique stores, and art galleries. Every time we head up there we seem to pick a day where something is happening that makes traffic a pain: ice carving festival, antique fair, blossom festival. Today we beat the traffic and found free parking right off the main street.

On Sundays, most stores don't open before 11:30am, so if you show up early be ready to wander up and down the main drag for a while. If the weather is nice you can also hang out in Lake Bluff Park, which has great vistas of Lake Michigan. Otherwise you can head down the hill to Silver Beach and see the lighthouse.




Every Sunday from 10 to 5, while the weather holds, there is an antique fair in Lake Bluff Park. The sun was shining today but it was really chilly, so we went for a very quick walk through the market area and didn't buy anything. Since we are leaving in about two months anyway, it seemed silly to purchase......also, let's get serious, it was mostly road signs and coke bottles. 



My favorite store on main street is Bound for Freedom, which is a free trade, social justice cafe and lounge. They sell a ton of great, handmade goods including jewelry, candles and soaps, and clothes. If you get a chance, check them out!


Our favorite restaurant on main street is The Buck Burgers & Brew. They've got a great burger menu, including some prefixed and a build your own (BYO) option. Their onion rings are awesome--not greasy like some places, and they do a lot of homemade sauces in house, including one with blue cheese and a horseradish kick. It's delicious! By far the best thing there is the garlic appetizer--anytime someone offers to bake me a garlic clove and smear it on bread with goat cheese, I will literally throw my money at them. Sadly, they were out of the garlic today, so we all split a small side of mac n cheese instead. I'm new to food blogging (and I was starving), so the only photo you get is one of my half eaten meal! I also took some photos with/of Banjo, mainly just to keep him quiet! 


Whenever we visit St. Jospeh we head down to Silver Beach to walk on the lakeshore and visit the lighthouse. This time though we were on a mission to eat lunch and buy Jordan some shoes, so we skipped the beach. Here is a collection of photos from other times we've spent at Silver Beach!